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kicked out another mall on holloween

dont ever go to the danville mall in suit during halloween because they will kick you out for waring a mask saying its considered a wepon


Wow a weapon?!?! Sounds like security is on a power trip.
fuck yeh assholes
It really sucks! after 9/11 people went psycho over security. I've seen many signs at stores I frequent saying that no wearing masks allowed and junk like that.

Have a great and fun evening!
we did ^..^ r u going to ac next year al?
I'm afraid not. I've been super busy since I started going back to school. :| Is stitch coming to FC? ;)
naga not this year coming 2011 maybe goingto ac and furfright
name the last time you ever read " Person in an animal costume robs store" I can see it now.. "The person was dressed as a huge rabbit and handed me this note saying that it was a robbery"
LOL right


Why is it that whenever furries have a problem with security someplace, its always mallcops?

Re: WTF?

they are jealous we look better and have more in our "costume" ;)

Re: WTF?

nods cause we is furries ^..^
Aww a lot of places around here were like that too. They have a rule making you remove face mask before entering. It's so dumb.